Monday, March 08, 2010

wallet woes

A place for all the bills
for every  rupee you pay,
fading ink and crumpled edges
in wait of that fateful day
when the new shoes will break
and a claim to repair you will lay.

A place for business cards
of friends at their first job
the new tattoo parlor
or just the regular business snob
people best kept at a distance
not to socialize and hob-nob

A place for all the slips
from the money spitting machine
I wish I had hit the 'No' button
and just seen my balance on screen
Reminding of fat pay cheque times
and of  three-digit balance days seen

A place for a thousand different cards
promising credits and discounts alike
Gold. silver.platinum - have em' all
I wonder what it would be like
if someday the "lifetime free offer" guys
go off on an indefinite lifetime strike

A place for souvenirs and sundry
old photos. id cards. and notes
out of circulation since the big T.
chits best made into paper boats
If there ever were a 'obese wallet challenge'
guess who would get the most votes !

(After a mammoth wallet cleaning session....glad I don't own a tote :)

Wednesday, March 03, 2010


dancing through the window
tiptoeing on eyelashes
tickling bits of dust into a frenzy
I play peekaboo in quick dashes
caressing cheeks and hair alike
giggling as they avert their gaze
I am just one among a thousand
powdery morning rays

we touch the morning dew
it vanishes in thin air
petal by petal we prod
the blossoms open and bare
and as the time keepers
march ahead hand in hand
we charge across miles
setting ablaze oceans and land
I refuse to let go
of my juvenile gentle touch
even as the harsh noon rays
snide and chide me much

In vindication of the self
I make one too many sweat
Slicing through sheer curtains
I end a siesta mid-breath
Swirling in the tea cup
setting the biscuits on fire
But I get no more fiery
just as the sun gets no higher

I meet them on the horizon
in a cooler shade of crimson
My pals of the morning
as wearily they move in unison
And a mass of light, 'em rays
blink, flutter and die
In silence they give in to darkness
they say no last goodbye
I stand alone in solitude
weary yet faintly alight
Giving in to the hungry night
I am the last ray at twilight...