Monday, December 20, 2004

crash landed at home !!!

Am back home after a very tedious flight journey ...courtesy the de-icing procedure at CDG, technical fault of unknown origin at Vienna and a grounded copter at Goa airport....!!!

Well...special thanks to the wonderful lunch at Mumbai airport, Hitchhikers guide to the Galaxy and the 'Kareena-Shahid'news story running on all the news channels...for keeping me company during the 4 hour wait at mumbai airport !!!

Looks like blogging is going to be a lot more frequent now that there are lot many memories and even larger number of family gatherings to talk about. But net here works at an amazingly slow speed....(one more excuse for my frequent bouts of good old vintage laziness)!!!

Lots of unfinished drafts....thread of thoughts left unwoven with a knot at the end to remind me of the times when the French food was not heavy enough to lull my grey cells into deep slumber of inactivity !!!

But first a good nights sleep to catch up on !!!(or rather another good nights sleep to catch up on !!) 'Jet lag' is what I tell all those who call up at 10.30 am only to catch a very 'just-outta bed' hullo on my end of the phone...!!! May not be a very plausible excuse..especially some 5 days after reaching home...but sounds very swanky ;)

So long....Bonne nuit...gute nacht....good outta here !!!