Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Thought process........

Uncertainity looms ahead
an all-enveloping fog
I am but a drowning soul
Looking for the proverbial log

No..you can't help me
My eyes are tight shut
my mind is closed
and wrenched is my gut

I wait all alone
lost in the same thought
counting the challenges ahead
reminiscing the battles fought

'It will be okay', they all say
'the sole ray will shine
just cling on to hope
and tomorrow will be thine'

But that feeble voice
gets stronger by the minute
'just let go' it commands
'just get out of the rut'

Future embraces me with its
strong unyielding arm
promising to make me happy
and not to cause any harm

But today plays the Thomas
uncertain about the morrow
cautioning me about future
and the impending sorrow

And so shall it be
I shall wait
for the moment of reckoning
hoping its not too late...