Friday, March 11, 2005

shoe-per dooper !!!

Just happened to have a very interesting conversation today with two of my peers.
It goes something like this...

J: (in the midst of removing his shoes) guess shoe has been sticking out its tongue at me !!! not going to care is such a 'sole-less' being.

N: can't really blame it...can we ?? after all it is being 'booted' about day in and day out...!!

The convo till now is repeated by J & N in a highly amused manner to H. Not to be beaten at the game, H retorts

H: mine is much is just developing teeth

N: ouch...that must have been a nasty bite !!

J: why dont you just sho(o)e it off ??

By now N is trying her best to keep the game alive or rather bring it to an end with a final punch...a la Ali !!! If I had been more morbid and less euphemistic..maybe I would put it as giving the game a befitting funeral with the best of the lines etched out on the headstone.

N: hey guys...lets cut it out...its such a s(c)andalising conversation

H: it stinks (did anyone talk about toe-jam???? yucks!!!)

Unfortunately (or was it ???!!) the conversation was prematurely aborted thanks to a task which was much higher on the priority list than our sole-barring conversations !! Hallelujah !!!!!

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

bliss-ters n raindrops!!!

When the rain gods decide all of a sudden to
shower their blessings on this end of the world (read it as
a parched desert..with all its due share of hyperboles!!!)
and when a overworked person has some few minutes of time
on her hands..with an unusually fast net speed...the result
lies behold !!!!!

oh the bliss of a drop
of the elixir of life
gushing down a parched throat
without a single strife !!

oh the bliss of water
murdering the leaping flames
like an all covering shroud
hiding all the mortal shames !!

oh the bliss of lightning
and deafening strokes of thunder
heavy showers striking the desert
nature's miracle or blunder !!??

oh the bliss of time
on your much worked hands
composing worthless prose
with equally worthless strands !!