Tuesday, March 20, 2007

for all ye bored ppl out there...

Ten odd books leaning on each other, with the cobweb covered wall and a much-read and flipped thru copy of Hitchhiker's Guide (hail douglas adams!!....followed by a brief prostration before the book :) supporting them at one end.The bookmarks peeping over the pages at the world outside. A stack of books at the other end of the table. Magazines, college newsletters, classroom notes, an overdue library book, a colour palette with remnants of a thousand different hues (tip for the shoestring budget students: never ever wash the palette. a drop of water can revive even the deadest and dullest scrap of color :), a pink polythene bag full of poster color bottles, other flotsam and jetsam collected over the semester piled up in one big stack (not the LIFO variety though...sorry to disappoint all ye geeks :)

And sandwiched between the two, a small wooden platform with an idol of god that has accompanied me ever since i left home...and photos of other gods (well....actually just 3 representatives of the 33 crore gods that we have :) before a tired mind indulges in blasphemy lets move on.....

a mug that says "i am one in a million" filled with pens(none of which actually work...they are just for the kleptomaniacs who frequent my room :) and some unsharpened bamboo sticks ( victims of a sudden fascination for calligraphy which died away as soon as the ink dried on the first A-Z trial sheet). The ink bottle hiding behind the mug testifies to the same.

a half-empty bottle of chyawanprash (mama's obedient girl...:) a bottle of fevicol (not for gastronomic reasons...pls note)
a coffee mug which has provided shelter to more specks of dust than to more drops of coffee till now....

photos of my parents and my sister....(home is where the heart is..even after 6 long years :(
a deformed distorted face made out of terracota ( my first experiment in the ceramics lab :)
a yellow smiley softball....the ones which u can gladly fling at the wall and give vent to all your frustrations on a bad day
(next to the deformed terracota face...it seems so paradoxical...almost like life....)

two dvds sitting pretty in their glossy polythene covers. A passive reminder to get rid of the 22 GB of movies thats been occupying my hard disk...

A packet of Tang....(ahmedabad heat and heatstrokes.....)
A tsunamika doll....another doll on a keychain....(a symbol of the "sisterhood" :) and the guardian of a bunch of keys for whom life is always a roller coaster ride :))

A plastic container full of trinkets and the like.....(gals will be gals :)

A laptop for someone who is bored enuff to the sit at 1 am and describe her desk.
A watch whose hands keep shaking with wrath, as though saying "good night bugger...cut the crap and off to sleep"