Saturday, June 23, 2007

Thoughts in motion

(Written in the train en route to goa from bangalore)

Sitting by an emergency window has its own advantages. Besides the obvious, its the unhindered view of the world outside that I enjoy. And the world rushes by you as you go chugchugging along to your destination.

A shepherd chasing his lambs and goats down a narrow pathway. Colourful clothes hanging on a clothesline against the uniform green and brown background of nature. A stationmaster standing at a tiny window in tin shed- the green flag fluttering against his white vest. Impatient yet curious faces waiting at a crossing, observing you as though you are a face in a framed potrait. A light rain starts up. I put out a hand- relaxed and lifeless on the windowsill and feel the raindrops on my open palm. They feel like the tears of an old friend. A song comes to mind from nowhere - "pani pani re"
The breeze blows curls of hair all over my face and the familiar train smell of burning fuel clings onto my skin.

The train hurries by at some points and leisurely glides through at other places- just like life. Dark clouds loom all over the sky. They seem to be suspended mid-air by invisible threads, against the light blue sky. The land is dry and tilled- the lines in the soil are furrows of worry on its forehead-awaiting the rain. There are a thousand shades of green in the surroundings. The sky is a bowl of water and the clouds are formed when the gods dip their shaving razors full of soapy froth in the sky bowl. I know that I am tripping and Im enjoying it. The beauty of the moment is making me want to cry. I want the moment to last but I want the jouney to go on. I want life to go on.....