Thursday, May 05, 2005

a day of trivialities..

When i came across Arundhati Roy's 'God of small things...' i always pondered upon Ms. Roy's choice of title !! And it took me till today to understand in full gravity the importance of trivialities in our lives !!!

>> a seemingly innocuous statement got me in trouble with a dear friend !! what seemed to me like a trivial remark meant great offence to my pal n to the third party who refused to play the silent spectator like most third parties n was very vocal in her disapproval of the remark !!!!

>> i just realised that a very trivial act of mine had touched the hearts of two people so much so that they took two pages each in my autograph book to thank me for the same !!!! (and it goes without saying that i took two more pages in their autographs book to gracefully accept the thanks while tryin to play it down at the same time!! c'est rien, mon cherie)

Thinking about how much importance people attach to all the little things in life brings me to something i read sometime ago (dont remember where) about how something as little as increasing the storage capacity of a mail inbox makes the day better for thousand different people !! And today being the day of could i miss out on that one ??? The people at Yahoo! just increased my mailbox space to 1 GB...hallelujah !!!! If i were one for the spirits...i wud have drunk one to the little things in life n to the profits of Yahoo!

Just as a passing thought...delving into a bit of etymology...trivia (three roads literally) comes from the fact that people met at road intersections and had discussions !!! Then why does trivial imply something of very less importance ??? Think about this the next time u are havin a chat at the nookad shop over some chai and pakoras !!! :D