Thursday, June 29, 2006

Ahmeda-(not-so)-bad :)

So here I the Ahmedabad railway and my three bags...running well over a quintal in total weight (courtesy my three bags :) !!!
And then to cut a long story put all the mundane events in the FF rickshaw->NID->NID hostel->orientations->classes->new friends->new roommates followed.

* This is the third time in 5 years that am shopping for the 'mattress-pillow-bucket-mug' combo !!!! Nomadic life at its best :)

* The balcony of my room offers a beautiful view of the Sabarmati river. Working till 4 am and then gazing at the river through the inky darkness of the night....a feeling beyond mere words !!

* Yesterday was my first taste of rain in rained for a good one hour.....!!! neither the hell-scorned rainfall of Goa nor the now-u-see-it-now-u-dont rainfall of bangalore...!! a soft caressing rainfall...soft enuf not to hurt and yet hard enuf to drench !!!! and not a single soul with a raincoat or an umbrella!!! bikes, pedestrians, old, young, students, bags moved alike on the roads enjoying the drops getting into their eyes and open mouths....!!! Now thats called the spirit of monsoon :)