Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Mid-20 crisis??? ;)

There was a time
when a casual glance
but not a word to say
foretold a happy day

A time when love
seemed magical
And schoolgirl crushes
were perfectly rational

A time when closing your eyes
to a romantic song
You swayed to the music
and hummed along

A time when you believed
in all thats beautiful
In dreams and in reality
you played nobody's fool

But today is different
Ground in harsh reality
Life seems so real
so devoid of beauty

Love is a game
for the young to play
it seems so distant
from where you stand today

Are you a cynic
Or a dreamer gone to sleep?
has time drowned you in its tide
too far and too deep?

Today you listen
to the same good ol' song
and sigh and switch off the ipod
the battery's drained - its been so long.